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"Recently I have had an encounter with a wonderful lady who has enabled me to transform a lifetime of atrocious eating habits and to become a new person in the way I view and practice diet and healthy living. Her name is Paula Antonini. My wife and I asked Paula to serve as our “Health Coach” for six months and in that very short period of time our perspective on diet and health has changed more than you could imagine. Because of Paula we are so much better informed, so much more focused, much healthier, and I believe a bit wiser.

It’s safe to say that Paula’s efforts with me may lead to a significant downturn in the fast food industry worldwide. History has witnessed some amazing “turn arounds”. Saul of Tarsus became Paul the Apostle. Rich boy Francis of Assisi became a man of faith who venerated poverty. In his post prison life, Nixon “hatchet man” Charles Colson became a prison ministry leader. Then there is me. While I fall short of these others in many ways, I find the wonderful change in my life to be no less an amazing 'turn around'."
Hank E., Lexington

"I loved the holistic approach to nutrition as part of caring for your body’s needs. Paula not only looked at what I ate but why I was eating. My biggest problem was emotional eating, Paula opened my eyes to the triggers, helped me listen to my body and gave me viable alternatives so I could break the habits of the last 40 years. Not only do I weigh less now but more importantly I am happier with myself than I have ever been."
Nicky H., West Sussex, UK

"Paula just has a way with people. Warm, calm, easy to be with and genuinely kind. What a treat to have such a knowledgeable and rich resource from which to learn.
I wanted to learn more about a field that I already have a great passion for, food and nutrition. Paula was the perfect person. She led me through six months of her program in a non-judgmental way. No worries if you’ve never had chia seeds, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of if you think quinoa is a bird that’s found in the Amazon. She’s funny, she’s just like you and me and that’s what makes Paula so wonderful."
Julia H., Lexington

"...Fast forward to now: I have lost 35 lbs., I am exercising 5-6 times a week, and I have continued to meal plan and cook healthy meals.I am at a place I never thought I would be. I have reached the goal that you and I talked so much about. Making healthy choices is no longer a struggle. Most of the time it just comes naturally now."
Lisa D., New York

“My wife was Paula’s client, but that meant I would also follow her guidance on eating better. A year ago, my doctor tried to double my dosage of a statin drug because my cholesterol was extremely high. Also out of whack was my blood pressure. This week I had a physical and all my numbers were normal. My doctor was blown away when I told him all I did was change the way I eat as Paula recommended! I no longer need the meds.”
David G. Georgetown, Ky.

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