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Live and Online classes, Corporate Workshops and Lunch ’n Learns, and Essential Wellness Retreats are an integral part of my Simply Nutrition practice.  Check back here frequently to see what's currently being offered.

May/June 2017

Check out our series of events to support your journey to optimal health and wellness. I know you want to take control of your health in the most simple and natural way possible, so the focus will be twofold:

• Healthy eating with simple principles and easy meal preparation
• Using Essential Oils as natural solutions for everyday health challenges

Upcoming Events

Essential Oils 101: Natural Solutions
I’m excited to offer this foundational class 3 times in May! So you can choose the one that suits your schedule:
Thursday, May 18, 9:00 PM EST (Online Class)
Wednesday, May 24 9:00 PM EST (Online Class)
Thursday, May 25 NOON EST (Online Class)

Essential oils are 'nature's medicine' and easy to use. Attend one of these online classes, and learn more about what they are, how to use them and the many ways they can benefit you and your family, and support your overall wellness. These amazing oils have been around for thousands of years and are now being embraced by western medicine. doTERRA oils are being used in places like Vanderbilt Hospital in this part of the country.

Request the link to login, and you'll enjoy hearing all about them! Text me at 859-473-3881

Essential Wellness Retreat
Saturday, June 24 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM EST (Live Event)

During this Essential Wellness Retreat, we will share:
• How to use oils for your pets - both dogs and cats and other fur babies. (Be sure to bring your personal stories of using oils with your pets!)
• A review of the Aroma Touch technique, as presented by Dr. Hill in Nashville in April
• More biometric SCANNING with iTOVi! You can find out which oils your body needs!
• How to shop at the Farmer's Market and/or through a CSA
• Fresh food (yes, you’ll get to taste it!) that means staying healthy through the summer months
• An overview of Essential Oils 101 (and how they can become your natural solution for many of your everyday challenges. If you're new to doTERRA oils, you’ll take away some samples and the confidence to use them effectively)
• Our Team members' favorite ways to use their oils

Come to our retreat and get the scoop on how to help your puppy settle or be calm in a thunderstorm - and lots more!

To register for the Essential Wellness Retreat, text me (859-473-3881) ASAP as space is limited!
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